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You're not getting the tax advice you need

There’s an unspoken truth when it comes to tax advice.

For business owners, there’s a complete lack of transparency from advisors over what tax advice actually is.

This means as a business owner:

  1. You don’t know what to expect from your accountant

  2. You don’t know if you are getting all the advice you need

It isn’t really anyone’s 'fault'.

Tax advice is an incredibly complex area that hasn’t been set out as a universally defined and priced service before.

Like, say, bookkeeping has.

If you need bookkeeping, your accountant will ask you several questions about your business and give you a price based on the requirements of delivery.

Tax advice shouldn’t be any different but currently, it is.

Until now …

Three types of Tax Service

We’ve developed a way to define our tax services to make them completely transparent and clear for our customers!

Our Tax Services are broken down into three areas:

Tax compliance

Helping you pay the right amount of tax that’s due; your year-end accounts and tax return.

Tax advice

Delivery of specific work or planning to improve your tax position, to make a future saving, or get cash back into your business e.g. making an R&D Tax Claim.

Tax consultancy

Reviewing your overall affairs & motives and applying tax legislation to your situation, to see where you may benefit from the advice in the future.

Most accountants will have a tax compliance service that is priced or built into their accountancy package services; with tax advice delivered and charged for as and when a situation arises.

Tax consultancy though? It's a bit of an unknown.

But it’s where the most value sits for you as a business owner. It's what helps you run a business that serves you.

Our Tax Services

At Autus, we aim to be completely transparent with our pricing and recognise that as with accountancy services, the individual tax requirements of a business are very different.

At each stage of a business's lifecycle, there are different tax services to consider to make sure you are operating in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to have a chat with us about our tax services and find out more about what you could be doing, book a call below at a time that suits:

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