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A strategic marketing agency that has helped Global brands achieve their marketing goals for the past 14 years.

Kurve experienced fast growth and needed a results-focussed finance team to help both tactically and strategically. Before engaging Autus, they had a long-standing accountant in place; however, they could not provide the support and integration with the team needed to achieve the MD’s growth ambitions.

We help Kurve scale profitably

Scalable Systems and Processes

Insightful Financial Reporting

Project Profitability Analysis

FD Support

Accurate Weekly Bookkeeping

Clients Are Invoiced On Time

Team And Suppliers Are Paid On TIme

R&D Tax Credit Support


Want to talk and see if we're a good fit?

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Rayhaan and his team have been the ideal and stack up as the top partner we’ve worked with on finance matters over our 14 years in business. I wish I had 10 of him in different areas of the company. We’re building a marketing agency with many moving parts requiring agile thinking, which has been abundant in his role as Finance Director.


The team are highly responsive and willing to go the extra mile, taking on new innovative challenges with eagerness & grace. They have saved us many man-hours, helped identify opportunities to improve predictability and profitability, and reduced uncertainty.


Since appointing Autus, I’ve focused on growing the business as Founder and Managing Director, comfortable that the finances are being taken care of.

Oren Greenberg

Founder & MD

Kurve Limited

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To deliver an end to end outsourced finance team, from bookkeeping through to Finance Director support.

The financial engine we built had to leverage technology and align with the company's plans to continue on its rapid growth trajectory. We needed to work with the client to develop and install a tech stack that integrates seamlessly with the business and has Xero at its heart. This included custom applications like an expense submission portal for external contractors and a payment portal for partners.

As Finance Director, our objective is to consistently improve the business's financial performance by identifying opportunities to manage capital better and unlock profit and cash flow. 


We inherited legacy processes that we initially picked up and ran with. The priority was to clear a backlog of accounting issues and ensure the MD had visibility over the business's performance for the last quarter whilst minimising the administrative burden on the team. We also needed an in-depth understanding of the company's financial position to eliminate any short term financial risks.

We began reviewing profitability and cash flow opportunities early on. Some initial wins were implementing an FX strategy to reduce risk on international contracts and reviewing invoicing terms. To minimise disruption and manage the change process, we designed a roadmap for our work together that set out the finance transformation over the following months.

Day to day communication and responsiveness is so important from a finance team. We're in contact with the team via Slack and Zoom, included in team meetings, and input on their long term strategy.


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